Tell Us How Your Dog Died – Episode #8: Will Stryker and Max


The summer of David Stoll continues with the LOST EPISODE OF TELL US HOW YOUR DOG DIED. In this episode recorded in April, special guest Will Stryker joins David to talk about his dog Max, expectations for the summer, and movies. Lots of movie talk. It’s fun, but it also gets real.

Tell Us How Your Dog Died – Episode #7: Noah Sturtridge and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


In this episode of Tell Us How Your Dog Died, which bears almost no resemblance to any previous episodes, David Stoll and his best friend from high school Noah Sturtridge drive to Milpitas, California to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In TUHYDD’s longest episode by far, you get to hear two old friends catch up, sing, complain about a movie, and just be generally tired and sad.

Tell Us How Your Dog Died – Episode #5: Yesi Rego and Neo and Floyd



In their first episode on Light Switch, David and David interview Yesi Rego about two of her much-missed dogs. There’s fun, sadness, ads, talk of 90s rock group Pearl Jam, and a very sad e-mail.

NOTE: It has been pointed out to us that the e-mail we read contains some similarities/possible references to the recent passing of comedian Harris Wittels. Out of respect to the person who sent the e-mail we chose to ignore these coincidences. We apologize to anyone who might have been hurt by what we choose to believe is either a true story or a sweet tribute to a great comedian. We will continue to be accepting of and grateful to anyone willing to share painful personal stories with us.