WikiQuest 5: Peck’s Rex


Hey, everybody! How was your break? Yeah? Good. Glad to hear it. Now we get to say our words. This week, we debuted a new segment of the show: Article Matchmaker! Ted and Elise dug up some ol’ dinosaur bones and tried to get them to kiss. Nice.

Choice Topics: Glue-Sniffing Child Justice, Garmo’s Stavin’, Cross Country Potato Boy, Field Day Longing, Dino Dating

Khaliq v HM Advocate

Garmo stave church

Luke Watson (long-distance runner)

Specimens of Tyrannosaurus

Turkey WikiQuest’s Pilgrim Cornucopia – Potato Girl


Happy Turkey, every-dang-body! We hope everybody’s having a good time slurping down gravy and politely conversing with their loved ones. If you’re not with your loved ones, we’ll assume that you’re either staying thankful solo-style, or you’re thankful to not be with your family. Either way? This is a good ep. Nice.

Choice Topics: Thanksgiving. Food stories. Turkey. Football. Basketball? Satellite dishes. Who knows. Have a good holiday, signed Ted 🙂

Turkey Day Classic

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

DirecTV Classic

National Thanksgiving Proclamation

Sarah Josepha Hale

Banned in Boston Episode 4 – The Original Dunkin Donuts with Andie Taft

This week, Stephen takes a drive out to Quincy, MA with his friend Andie Taft. They discuss the perils of driving in Boston, the plausibility of ghosts and the lack of Filipino restaurants in the greater Boston area. Then, they stop at the first-ever Dunkin Donuts location to determine whether the ‘retro renovated’ restaurant is worth the trek.

Hard to Explain Episode 6: A Perfect Day (With The Strokes)


This week, the guys talk about what a perfect day would be like with The Strokes, then they take a couple calls, and maybe, just maybe, dare a guy to put his foot in a blender.