Jordan Wold Presents #11: A Lifetime Achievement


Finally, a Light Switch show is receiving some awards recognition! At the 2016 Emmy Awards, Jordan Wold Presents is going to be receiving the Lifetime Achievement award. Today’s episode, featuring special guests and wild surprises, is a celebration of that.

Where the Hell Am I – Episode 3


This week, Trisdon talks about his time on a cruise ship in Alaska and Canada! Ever wanted to know a lot about Alaska’s history? Well, this episode is for you!

Who’s to Say Episode 17 – With Special Guest Connor Radebaugh

Drew is back! But one of our hosts is still missing. Those of us who remain run for president.

Tell Us How Your Dog Died – Episode #8: Will Stryker and Max


The summer of David Stoll continues with the LOST EPISODE OF TELL US HOW YOUR DOG DIED. In this episode recorded in April, special guest Will Stryker joins David to talk about his dog Max, expectations for the summer, and movies. Lots of movie talk. It’s fun, but it also gets real.