Jordan Wold Presents #6: On Marga Ryan Calcagne


On this SURPRISE episode of Jordan Wold Presents, Jordan is joined by JWP veteran Brad Beideman and newcomer Amy ‘P’ Patterson to talk about someone who isn’t there. Listen to them play 20 Questions, discuss scheduling a meeting, and take phone calls!

WHAT-FM Episode 3

ep 3.png

Talking Music Criticism, Featuring the Music Criticism Brothers – King Undelivered, Part 1

Don’t look now! Straight out of SoundPile Media, it’s Brent and Naste Porter, America’s top music criticism brothers, here to tell you what to think about the latest hit track! This week, it’s Lab Machine’s latest: “King Undelivered, Part 1.” Will they enjoy it? Please listen to show!! Plus, enjoy our advertisements.

Created by Ted Hubish
Written by Ted Hubish and Deft Beck
Edited by Ted Hubish
Produced by Emily Walborn

Cast (in order of appearance):
WHAT Adam: Ted Hubish
WHAT Neil: Ted Hubish
Brent Porter: Jordan Wold
Naste Porter: Ted Hubish
Our Computer Friend: Adobe Audition
Len Cline: Will Powers
WHAT Ann: Liana Genoud
Person Parsons: Liam Gibbons
Raina Crude: Elise Gianattasio
Andy Houser: Liana Genoud
Jack Roget: Will Powers
Crimes Partner: Ted Hubish
Cool Friend: Liam Gibbons
Colby Show: Ted Hubish
Sondra Sans: Alice Airoldi